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Naming of Cedar & Sage Boutique

If you’re anything like me, names are a big deal! I gave so much thought to my children’s names, one of them wasn’t even named for a few days after her birth! Everyone I love in my life has a nickname...and my business was no different. I couldn’t get the word “sage” out of my head while trying to name the boutique. That was my first word I was stuck on. One day while running names with it my middle daughter looked at me and said..”Mom, cedar!” With that one word it clicked. I poured a glass of wine, went to the hot tub and while pondering on it I felt both my mom and my dad’s presence and knew that is what my boutique would be named.




My mom’s parents were gifted a cedar chest when they got married. It was something my grandmother cherished and when my dad suddenly passed at the age of 27...she gifted it to my mother to keep his special things in. My mom kept one thing tucked away for each of us 6 kids inside of that cedar chest...locked. Sometimes I would ask, most times I wouldn’t. When she was gone I would sneak the key out and open that cedar chest to rummage through his things. I’d try on his leather jacket, try to play his harmonica or slip on his wedding ring. To this day my dad smells like cedar to me. Then at 17 when I had my first child...I was gifted the cedar chest. I will forever associate my grandmother and my dad with cedar.


If anyone knows my mom you’ll know why sage makes me think of her. For one, she always wears the color. But mostly I think of sage because...well...she’s a damn hippie! If there was anything wrong with us kids from a slight cold to a broken bone it was...”Put some aloe on it!” There was always some herb or natural remedy to cure all. Sage your house, do a weird rain dance or blame all your problems on the weather when things went south. The universe speaks to this woman...and I’ve learned to listen:) I, too have become a bit of a hippie.


So to my “Ma” and my Daddy...thank you both for inspiring me to do something great...to be empowered and to feel your presence in this journey. To launch my new beginning...Kate's Cedar & Sage Boutique.